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Lily Ritchie

Career Counselor for L&S

M.A. East-West Psychology: Humanistic Counseling Specialization, California Institute of Integral Studies: San Francisco, CA
B.A. Comparative Religion: Specialization in South Asian and Himalayan traditions, University of Rochester: Rochester, New York

How did you get here?
When I joined Berkeley Career Engagement in 2023, the majority of my professional experience was in graduate admissions and professional advising for students in graduate programs. I have spent my career working with people interested in either becoming therapists and/or who were seeking advanced degrees in philosophy or clinical psychology. 

Who do you work with? What’s cool about your job?
I get to connect with passionate and inspiring people who have interests in the humanities, arts, and social sciences!  As a former student in these disciplines (philosophy, comparative religion, painting, and counseling psychology), I understand the unique challenges faced by students drawn to these areas of study as they begin the process of entering the workforce. I love to support students in understanding how the unique assets that drew them to these disciplines, and the skills they have developed within them, are highly desirable to potential employers. I consider it a special privilege to support such students in developing grounded optimism and confidence in their career paths. 

What’s the best career advice anyone has given you?
No one is born knowing how to write a resume, network, interview, or career plan. We all struggle with some aspect of the process of crafting a career. It is strategic to recognize your weaknesses, learn continually, try something new, and get help.

Scribbling in my planner with a highly curated selection of pens, practicing painting & calligraphy, reading, waxing poetic, walking around town greeting all the roses, browsing at Moe’s Books, hiking, learning about various subjects, *attempting* to meditate, and spending time with my two fluffy cats; Phoebe and Naga.