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The Application Process


While many veterinary schools use the VMCAS application, each school has different deadline submission dates. There are 34 schools that utilize VMCAS. It is important for you to research each to which you plan on applying.

Standardized Tests

Most veterinary schools require the GRE. Test scores need to be sent directly to the schools, by their deadline. AAVMC suggests that tests be taken before Fall of your application year, to ensure you do not miss a VMCAS school’s deadline. Most schools will not accept test scores older than 2-3 years.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a critical component of the application process. Electronic letters are required. Letter requirements vary from school to school but generally, three letters of recommendation are required. It is also wise to obtain a letter from a veterinarian.

VMCAS provides guidance of what you need to do as well as how your writers can upload your letters. Make sure to confirm each school’s preference for what type letters they require. VMCAS does not accept more than three letters of recommendation. Additional letters can be sent directly to the individual school if the school accepts additional letters. Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are submitting the correct letters for each school you apply.

You can influence the quality of your letter by providing your letter writer with useful information that will aid them in preparing your letter: a copy of your transcripts, your resume, and a copy of your personal statement discussing why you want to be a veterinarian. Read more tips and resources for how to obtain strong letters of recommendation.


A written statement of purpose (SOP) is required in the admission process. In your statement, plan on addressing why you selected veterinary medicine as your career. This is your opportunity to discuss how your relevant personal background and interests, education, and experiences have led you to select a veterinary medicine education. Take time to review and rewrite your statement as many times as needed. A Berkeley Career Engagement Advisor can review your SOP, if you sign up for an appointment through Handshake. You are allotted 5000 characters including spaces.


Some schools have an interview requirement. Interviews are by invitation only and usually start in January and can run through the end of March. Prior to your interview, take time to review your application, research the school and practice interviewing. Feel free to sign up for an appointment with one of the pre-health advisors for a mock interview, through Handshake.

The interview may vary from school to school. You may be interviewed by a panel of Admissions representatives, faculty, an advanced veterinary student or a veterinarian. Some schools are conducting the Multiple Mini Interview format. When you are offered an interview, you should check each school for their interview policy so you best prepare yourself.

Interviewing for Health Professions offers some tips and suggestions to help you prepare for your interviews.