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On-Campus Interview (OCI) is the term used for when employers come to campus to conduct interviews or coffee chats with selected students. It is important to keep in mind that OCI is just one resource to use in your career search.

You can find out who is participating in OCI through this filtered Handshake search. You can also find them from your homepage by selecting Jobs and then filter for Interviewing on Campus. Interviews occur from late August through mid November for the Fall semester and late January through mid April for the Spring semester. Application deadlines vary based on each employer’s interview date, so check Handshake often!

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Negotiating Offers page, which can help you understand more about how to Evaluate An Offer, Negotiate that offer, and learn about our Job Offer Guidelines.

Before using Handshake and signing up for interviews, please review our Handshake User Agreement.

For more information on OCI in Handshake, please refer to this very resourceful Handshake help article.

Questions about OCI? Contact us at (510) 642-0464 or by email: