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  • Prerequisite requirements vary between schools; therefore it’s important to check each school for their specific requirements. 
  • In general, you should not plan to use AP credit to satisfy prerequisite coursework for dental schools

UC Berkeley courses that most students use to fulfill requirements

Gen Chem

One year of general Chemistry – Chem 1A and Chem 1B (with lab)

It’s important to note that you must take a full year of chemistry for all dental programs. 

Organic Chemistry

One year of organic Chemistry – Chem 3A and Chem 3B (with lab).


One year of Biology – Bio 1A and 1B (with lab)


One year of Physics – Physics 8A and 8B (with lab)


Two semesters of English (Courses that fulfill the Reading and Composition Requirement will fulfill requirements for Dental schools)


One semester with lab – MCB C112/112L

PH 162 (offered in Summer and Fall)


One semester with lab – IB 131/131L (only offered in the fall semester)

Physiology with lab

One semester MCB 32/32L, MCB 136/136L


The following courses satisfy the Biochemistry requirement:

MCB 102
C100A and C100B
Chem 135 and C100B

Behavioral Sciences

Some medical schools require coursework in the behavioral sciences or humanities, specifically Psychology. 

Applied Art Course (or something similar highly recommended)

Jewelry-making, or other courses where one’s manual dexterity is used and developed.


Most schools require shadowing ranging between 25-100 hours.  Please make sure to check individual schools

Foreign Language is highly recommended
Stats and Calculus (one semester each) are recommended