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Berkeley Career Engagement coordinates on-campus interviews for all undergraduates and most graduate students, except for a few professional programs. For specialized populations, including MBA and Law, refer to this list of recruiting contacts.


Whether you’re planning for a traditional On Campus Interview (OCI) experience, or just want to secure some small rooms for informal coffee chats for your team, look no further than BCE! We have 15 rooms available (free of charge!), that can hold between 3-6 people – just let us know your needs when requesting space. The calendar opens on June 3 to request your dates, but you can start planning now. Rooms will be available from Aug. 27 – Nov. 7, Tues-Thurs.

Fall 2024 OCI starts on August 27 and ends on November 7.  Spring 2025 OCI starts on January 28 and ends on April 24. View the Academic & Recruiting calendar to help you plan your dates around our planned Career Fairs and academic schedule. We encourage you to consult with Employer Relations staff to strategize the best dates that will align with your other campus activities. *NOTE: interview schedules must adhere to the hours of 9:00am (first interview start time) – 4:30pm (last interview end time).

OCI Options

  • Preselect In-person Interviews: This is the most popular option. Use our pre-built schedules and the Handshake tool to allow students who have been selected, to choose their own timeslots
  • Room Only in-person interviews:  Schedule your own interviews with candidates you have sourced from Handshake, career fairs or your other campus events
  • Preselect Virtual Interviews: Use our pre-built schedules and the Handshake tool to allow students to select their own timeslots; you are required to provide an external virtual interview link and notify students

How OCI Works

  1. Request interview date(s) via Handshake
  2. Your date(s) will be approved within 2 business days (steps 3-6 below apply to preselect only)
  3. Add your job(s) in Handshake and attach them to your interview schedule (optional for room only)
  4. Students apply for jobs during a specified time period
  5. You review candidates and invite them via Handshake
  6. Students sign up via Handshake

Request an Interview Date

To request on-campus interview dates via Handshake:

  • Current Users: If you have a Handshake account at our school, you may already have access to request schedules. If not, contact us to have that role assigned.
  • New Users: Go to the Handshake log in page to create an account. This Handshake article provides step-by-step instructions. Once your account and job have been approved, you will have access to submit an interview request.
  • Select Request an Interview on the main page and follow the prompts. Review this Handshake article, How to Request an Interview Schedule at a School for assistance.

OCI Employer FAQs