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Editing a resume on a tablet  keypad with faint images of reading glasses and a smart phone.

Purchase a Resume Book

We’re excited to offer digital resume books to employers seeking to hire Cal students. We offer a total of 22 different books (11 full-time and 11 internship) batched by field/industry. Students can opt in to sharing their resume to any of these books, and will be encouraged to submit to a book based on the type of opportunities they’re looking for (e.g. graduating students will typically only submit to the full-time books, and all others will submit to the internship books).

The cost of these books is $300 for profit employers and $200 for nonprofit and government employers, for each book you purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Berkeley Circle partners are granted free access to books; the amount will vary depending on your partnership level. Please review the benefits guide for more information.


The following books will be available for download starting September 1, 2024 (each field will have an intern seeker book and a full-time job seeker book):

  • Architecture & Sustainable Design
  • Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, & Data Science
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • General Business Roles
  • Government, Law, & Public Policy
  • Health Services
  • Media, Marketing, PR & Communications
  • Nonprofit, Social Services, & Education
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
  • Scientific Research

To request your Resume Book(s) today, please complete this form, and our team will be back in touch with you shortly. If you are unable to access the form, or have questions, contact Employer Relations by email or call us at 510-642-0464.