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Welcome to Handshake, the Career Center’s powerful recruiting platform for UC Berkeley students and alumni. Handshake uses cutting edge technology to help you more easily connect with employers and source jobs, internships, event information, and On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) opportunities.

Employers can use Handshake as a recruitment tool, to identify qualified candidates for open positions and manage on-campus recruitment activities.

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New Students

Your Handshake account will be created the first week of July or after you enroll in Fall semester classes, whichever is later. It can take up to two weeks for your account to be created once these criteria are met.

Undergrad and Graduate Students

Log in to Handshake using your CalNet Login. For help with questions, visit our Help Center or Handshake’s support for students.

Note: By choosing to use Handshake you agree to abide by the Career Center User Agreement.

Postdocs and Eligible Alumni

Click on the link that reads “You can also sign in with your email address” and a box will appear where you can sign in with your email and create a password for your Handshake account. Be sure to use your email (please do not use the University of California Berkeley CalNet sign-on).

Note: If you choose to use Handshake you are required to abide by the Career Center User Agreement. For more information on our eligibility guidelines please visit our Alumni Eligibility page.

Staff and Faculty

Request access if you would like a courtesy account to Handshake to advise your students. Please do not use the login link below unless you have already requested and received a courtesy account from the Career Center.

Handshake login


Log in using your email and Handshake Password. For help getting started, visit Handshake’s support for employers and our Handshake Help Center page.

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