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Renee Morelos

Customer Service Specialist


BA, Psychology, SF State

How did you get here?

I recently transferred from the School of Optometry where I have worked for three years. My previous position was more patient based but I have always been interested in working with the students. Once I saw this position posted, I applied and now I am here. YAY!

What’s cool about your job?

I am part of the administrative team at Berkeley Career Engagement. I am still learning the ropes but so far it has been pretty enjoyable. The students that I have helped so far have been really grateful and it is cool that Berkeley Career Engagement has a lot of different events to help the students with their career goals. 

What’s the best career advice anyone has given you?

Just apply. =) 


Well with two little ones at home, my interests include Disney movies, Cocomelon, PAW Patrol, and Blue’s Clues.  Other interests are Boba, Mario Kart, baking with the kids, trying to get my kids to eat other foods besides sweets or cheese-based foods, and finding new places to eat especially a good Banh mi sandwich since where I live does not have any good places. I also enjoy swimming, nature walks, trying to cook Filipino like my grandma used to make it and just enjoying my life with my family =).