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Jason Oddoye

Operations and Customer Support Specialist


Legal Studies, John F. Kennedy University (now National University)

How did you get here?

Hello! My name is Jason Oddoye (my last name is pronounced as if you are saying “Oh boy,” except replace the B with D and that’s how you pronounce it).

Prior to working here at UC Berkeley, I was the Senior Customer Support Representative at Qardio Heart Health and the Customer Support Specialist at Square. During my tenure at Qardio, I helped the company improve their customer satisfaction ratings and also helped create and implement various ways to help their consumers want to buy our products by going above and beyond for them by providing timely responses and result driven troubleshooting to solve their issues.


I currently live in Walnut Creek with my wife, Ashley, and our two cats. When I’m not keeping busy with work, you can find me watching shows or a movie, or going out for some drinks (love Bourbon and Wine), and I also enjoy playing video games as they take my mind off of the stresses of the day.