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Artificial Intelligence images with person using an iPad

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and technology to optimize your internship and job search is on the rise. Leveraging AI can help streamline your job and internship search, but keep in mind the advantages and limitations of the technology. When used effectively and ethically, AI can help save job seekers time so they can focus on other aspects of their search. AI should be used to supplement, not replace the job seeker’s natural voice and language.

Berkeley Career Engagement is excited that Ramped Careers, a AI new powered tool, is available to UC Berkeley students and recent alumni.

You can login to the UC Berkeley Ramped Dashboard using your Berkeley email to sign up.

Ramped AI Powered Tools

  • Build your resume
  • Write your cover letter
  • Explore any job
  • Generate resume bullet points
  • Learn about a company
  • and much more…

Advantages of AI

  • Assistance with job search based on input from users. Uses prompts/queries to identify competencies of a specific job description to draft a customized resume and cover letter.
  • Ask for specific responses based on the information provided, edit prompts, ask follow-up questions, and request responses that use different tones, such as formal, engaging, or casual.
  • Identify job titles based on education, skills, and experiences.
  • Extract language and requirements from the job description.
  • Develop a list of questions to ask during an interview.
  • Help with the transition into a new career within different industries.
  • Previous searches, new prompts, patterns, and previous information can help train AI to maximize its knowledge base.

Limitations of AI

  • Responses can lack the ability to provide in-depth, individualized insight and can’t replace human interaction.
  • Complex or industry-specific jargon may be difficult for AI to create.
  • Users need to check responses for inaccuracies and the inclusion of their unique words and written cadence.
  • Sharing personally identifiable information with AI can leave users vulnerable to nefarious activities. For example, if you insert your resume into the chat for feedback, do so without including your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Can’t be used to negotiate job offers since it requires research of recent trends, industry-specific information, human advice, and in-person conversations with employers.
  • AI does not provide the expertise and personal approach that career counseling does.