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Research the pre-pharmacy requirements of the schools that interest you.
The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy maintains the Pharmacy School Admissions Requirement (PSAR) which provides the admission requirements by individual schools and detailed information of each school.

UC Berkeley courses that most students use to fulfill requirements

General Chemistry, 2 semesters of general chemistry with lab

Chem 1A/1AL and Chem 1B
Chem 4A and 4B (chemistry majors)

Organic Chemistry, 2 semesters of organic chemistry with lab

Chem 3A/AL and 3B/BL
Chem 112A and 112B (chemistry majors)

Biology, 2 semesters with lab

Bio 1B, 1A/1AL

Physiology (mammalian), 1 semester

MCB 32/32L or IB 132/132L

Physics, 1-2 semesters w/lab (thermodynamics & electromagnetism)

Physics 8A, 8B or Physics 7A, 7B

Microbiology, 1 semester with lab, some schools require 2

Public Health 162A/162L or MCB C112/112L

Biochemistry, 1 semester

MCB 102 or MCB C100A/Chem C130 or Chem 135

Mathematics/Statistics, 1-2 semesters and some require 1 semester of stats

Math 1A/1B, Math 10A/B, Math 16A/B
Stats: 2, 20, Public Health 142A

English, 2 semesters

R&C courses will fulfill English coursework requirements for most pharmacy schools.

Economics, 1 semester.

Econ 1 or Econ 2

Speech/Public Speaking, 1 semester.

College Writing 10A

Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science, 1 semester of an introductory course, some schools require 2.

Psych 1 (for majors) or Psych 2 (for non majors)
Soc 1